Worx aero cart multifunction wheelbarrow Review in 2021

The WORX Aerocart is quite different from the rest. Innovation has been used to make it more efficient and perform almost lots of different jobs that would have needed different machines to perform. In the article we explore about Worx aero cart multifunction wheelbarrow Review

For instance, the Worx aero cart multifunction wheelbarrow can perform jobs of 8 different carts such as handling the work of a wheelbarrow, hand truck, cylinder holder, potted plant mover, rock lifter, bag holder, trailer mover and extended dolly.

Worx aero

The Worx aero wheelbarrow has been designed with special features which bring out the diversity of the wheelbarrow in general. This is the ultimate sophisticated and latest innovation in the world of wheelbarrows.
Among the things, it can carry is flower pots, mulch bags, straw bails and other oversized, awkward items. The Worx aero cart wheelbarrow has no limited jurisdiction it seeks to perform work on the garden and even outside the garden whenever the user may want it to. Its performance is at the top level, and it can be compared to none in the market.

Worx aero cart multifunction wheelbarrow Review


The Worx aero cart wheelbarrow measures about 42 by 12 by 18 inches with a weight of 48.7 pounds. The carrying capacity of the Worx wheelbarrow is well over 500, but it is not clearly stipulated.

With this wheelbarrow, a 200 lb wheelbarrow load feels like 17 lbs. It also has a 3 cubic feet volume capacity. From the outlook, this wheelbarrow has a lot of potential in terms of carrying weighty items.


This is where the innovativeness comes in. For beginners, the work wheelbarrow instantly converts between a wheelbarrow, yard cart, bag holder, plant mover and much more courtesy of such features as the folded out extension arm that is versatile enough.

For the wheels, it has two of them which are patented and adjust the center of gravity for a balanced and easy to manage the load. The design is what separates the wheelbarrow from the rest.

WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Wheelbarrow


The overall general material of the Worx wheelbarrow is durable. The all-steel construction makes the wheelbarrow durable and able to sustain all kinds of pressure. Steel is a tough kind of metal that is why the manufacturers preferred it over other materials.

The Worx aero cart multifunction wheelbarrow has also been fitted with flat free tires which never need inflating and are maintenance free. The Worx wheelbarrow can last for long enough while still performing diverse jobs.


The comfort of the user is of much essential in such like a product which has diverse abilities. To ensure the user goes through less strain when handling the Worx aero cartwheel barrow, the designers fitted it with plastic handles which the user will use to lift or pull the wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow also has two stands which are behind the wheels or just below the rod holding the handles. The stands help in providing support to the user while carrying heavy loads.


The wheelbarrow has been made safe for the user by ensuring the material used is not harmful to the user in any way.
Also, in some way to ensure the safety of the wheelbarrow the stands have been fitted to allow it to avoid knocking hard surfaces. Since there is a lot going on safety measures, have to be installed on the wheelbarrow at all times.

  • Has a large carrying capacity
  • Easy to manage and carry a load.
  • All steel construction to offer durability
  • Performs the job of 8 different carts
  • Orange color fades away in sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) What material is the wheelbarrow made from and is it scratch resistant?
A: The wheelbarrow is made of steel which is tough and durable but unfortunately because the wheelbarrow comes when painted in various colors it is not scratch resistant.
b) Does the Worx wheelbarrow come with all the accessories when bought?
A: Yes, the wheelbarrow is sold with the full package it has to offer. For instance, it comes with the lifting net, planter swing, cylinder holder and also a bag holder.
c) What is the weight capacity of the wheelbarrow?
A: The Worx aero cart multifunction wheelbarrow has a carrying capacity of about 300 lbs with room for some little more weight.

Final Verdict

I like the Worx aero cart multifunction wheelbarrow and would happily recommend it to the kind of people who tend to keep up with new inventions day by day. A unique aspect of this wheelbarrow is the ability to perform functions of 8 different wheelbarrows.

Therefore, its performance is not one to be doubted. Regarding durability, everything in it supports that as it aims at working longer and efficiently. From the design you can tell that there are more positives than negatives, in fact personally am yet to see the negatives of the Worx wheelbarrow. You can check out our guide and reviews to the best wheelbarrow, buy right now to see how the Worx aero cart multifunction wheelbarrow compares with our number one on the list.

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