Wheelbarrow Storage Ideas : Top 10 Ways

Simple tasks can become difficult without a wheelbarrow. What can be done in just less than ten minutes might turn out to be time-consuming, taking more than an hour. A wheelbarrow makes portability easier, work is done faster, and you are likely to save that very precious time.

Now that is splendid. After completing your chores, it is imperative to understand how to store your wheelbarrow well, enabling you to carry out your future tasks. This also could allow you increase its durability, performance and minimize possible injuries.

​A wheelbarrow​ commonly comes in an irregular shape, even though it is one of the most vital arsenals, storing it can sometimes be quite mind boggling. You could opt to get your wheelbarrow off the floor in your garage or store it on the outside.

Whichever option you choose, opt for some pre-storage maintenance before storing your wheelbarrow. Most people don’t go about storing their wheelbarrow in the most efficient way. So, how about, I take you through the most reliable top ten quick tips for wheelbarrow storage ideas show.

wheelbarrow storage ideas

Preparing Your wheelbarrow storage ideas

If you have a wooden or metal wheelbarrow, it is important to clean it up before storing it, to avoid chances of rusting.

For a metal wheelbarrow, consider oiling it using oils such as linseed oil, olive oil to protect your wheelbarrow from hazardous atmospheric agents that might corrode it, ultimately reducing its longevity of its body construction.


Think Of A Working Bench

Workbenches provide you with that extra option of storing your wheelbarrow. Check if your store juggles as a workspace and one for parking.

Whichever is the case, you have an opportunity to change your space into one workshop, creating more space to store your wheelbarrow instead of struggling with space.

Do Storage Maintenance

Consider using oil like linseed oil or cheap olive oil, to give them some protection from the elements. Ensure that you allow the handles to dry properly in the Sun before you put the barrow into storage.

Store Your Wheelbarrow Off The Floor

Using some screws and latches, construct using a pair of mending plates and some screw hooks, some latches on the most appropriate comfortable spot in indoors or outside, whichever is your preference, to hang your wheelbarrow. It can even do better with its face facing down. This will leave you with more space to store other stuff important to you indoors.

Outside Storage

If you have to store your wheelbarrow on the outside, how about also handing that wheelbarrow of the floor or ground? In this case, you have the option of setting up some racks or some screws and other stable attachments to hold on your wheelbarrow stably.

​If you happen to have an outside wall, choose a good spot, especially a shed to avoid your wheelbarrow being rained on. This will also eliminate chances of rusting if you have a metal wheelbarrow, increasing its longevity and performance and save you replacement costs.

Create That Extra Space

Consider also creating more space to store your wheelbarrow. Introduce extra cabinets and shelves to accommodate some of your garage stuff. If you can have them next to the ceiling, you will have more space left to store your wheelbarrow.

Build sturdy cabinets, sizeable enough to take in more. Check on the electrical cables and wiring in the house not to store your wheelbarrow touching a live wire.

You sure don’t want to expose yourself to possible electric shocks. If you can also expand your garage space through an additional space in your garage, you stand a chance to get more space to store your wheelbarrow.

Ceiling Storage

Consider drilling some holes on the edge of the bin with a pulley system. This will enable you connect or hang even that heavy duty wheelbarrow. You will spare floor space too for other uses.

Indoor Wall Storage

If you consider storing your wheelbarrow on the wall indoors, it is imperative to remember a wheelbarrow shape can be that awkward and quite heavy sometimes.

Lifting them off the floor indoors is quite a great shot. But don’t put your wheelbarrow in such a high position to the extent that, lifting it off the wall for that urgent quick task at hand becomes cumbersome and time-consuming.​

Wall Bracket Storage

On your wall, you can also opt to mount simple storage brackets. There are so many wheelbarrow storage brackets in the market. Choose the one that will hold your wheelbarrow stably and safely.

You have the option of setting up the front lip of ​your wheelbarrow into the lower bracket, enabling you to swing it back into a latching bracket on the upper part.

When it comes to getting the wheelbarrow down, you can easily unlatch the upper bracket as you swing it down and you are good to catch up with your activities.

Avoid bruising yourself or being a victim of a painful bump from stuck out wheelbarrow metal legs. The last thing you need is injuring yourself with your wheelbarrow, just because you stored in poorly. The legs of the wheelbarrow can be covered, to avoid possible injuries.

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