How To Give Seedlings Enough Light?

Light is one of the most important part of growing a plant other than major components like water, good soil and manure. Light is the major source through which the process of photosynthesis occurs and plants are able to grow better. If appropriate light does not reach the seedlings, they grow more slowly and can become a little leggy which leads to greater timeline for growing the seedling in to a proper plant. Even when you are growing the seedlings inside the grow tents or your house, appropriate light should be the important component of the growing process and to let it be done in the appropriate timeline.

Usually there are certain mistakes which people tend to make in matter of light that is being given to the seedling

– They don’t provide enough lighting to the seedlings.

– The coverage of the lighting is too far away from the seedlings.

– In case of artificial lighting conditions, they don’t provide the lighting a good and sufficient amount of time.

In this article, we will give knowledge about how to give seedlings enough light in order to ensure proper growth. In most of the cases, the problems are usually easy to fix but sometimes it can get a little complex in terms of providing the lighting. The ways you can fix the problems and you can know how to give seedlings enough light by the following ways:

1. Amount of Light:

Not having sufficient light is always the problem when people don’t see appropriate growth of their seedlings. They ought to do so many things which aren’t even required rather than just checking or adjusting the amount of light that they are providing to the seedlings. Seedlings in general are very delicate and require constant care unless they starts to come close to becoming full fledged plants.

​Check the amount of light that you are providing to the seedlings as some plants require more light whereas some of them require light with less density. You should definitely research about that on the internet so that you are informed right and at least you will know what you are doing in order to provide good and needed amount of light to the seedlings.
2. Light Coverage Over The Seedlings

Sometimes the amount of light is appropriate but some of the seedlings grow they are supposed to but some are not able to do so even though being in the same atmosphere as of the well grown seedlings. This problem can occur when there is not appropriate coverage of light over all the seedlings. To avoid this type of problem relating to the uneven growth, you should check the pot and the light above it are in good and steady alignment. This will help you in great ways to get the light evenly on the seedlings and this will also lead to stop the uneven growth of the seedlings.

You can check this through comparing the size of the plant pot and the light that you have provided over it. Consider that your pot is 50 centimeters in size, try to get the light above the size of 50 centimeters. It can be bigger but definitely not smaller. Following this will eventually lead to you seeing the difference.
3. Other Important Factors

There are several other factors that you have to take care of in order to ensure uniform and steady growth of the seedlings.

Factors like how much time should the seedlings be under the light or how to manage electricity bill side by side to ensure it doesn’t hit your pocket hard. Another factors will be how to balance the light or whether to use reflective surfaces to bounce the light or not.

​All these factors will help you create a certain steadiness and certain uniformity in the growing of your seedlings and good growth is what everyone wants and desire. Keep in mind, steady and sufficient lighting will take you a long way and will give you the desired success you want.

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