How to Remove Troy Bilt Trimmer Head: What to Keep In Mind

Troy-Bilt Trimmer is a two in one trimmer. It works both as a brush cutter and a grass cutter and comes with two attachments. Therefore, the machine can only work with one head at a time.

The brush cutter is designed to trim woody items and tough vines. While the grasscutter is a handy tool for basic trimming jobs. To use the other head requires interchanging the heads.

​It is important to learn how to remove the head. The trimmer head will be replaced with a string trimmer replacement head, either a brush cutter or grass cutter. What’s more? For more info about best string trimmer replacement head, click here now.

How to Remove Troy Bilt Trimmer Head

What Tools Do You Require

It depends on what function you are performing on the trimmer, whether you are changing heads or interchanging heads. If you are changing heads, then you need to purchase new heads and have them at hand.

The working tools include a flat-head screwdriver and a locking rod. The locking rod is usually part of the Troy-Bilt Trimmer package when purchasing a new Troy-Bilt Trimmer. You can use an Allen wrench if you have misplaced the locking rod. Make sure you have a box for placing screws and other components that will be disassembled. Moreover, you need to be careful to pick your best one while purchasing so that you get the best performance from the trimmer.


Before You Disassemble the Trimmer

The Troy-Bilt trimmer head has the following components, namely the cutting line, spring, inner real and outer head.

Start by finding a suitable working surface and room that can fit your devices. A flat surface is preferred. Take safety measures by wearing gloves and safety glasses.

You then need to turn off the power on the Troy-Bilt trimmer, if it was in use. Give it a few minutes to cool down completely.

Disassembling the Troy-Bilt Trimmer Head

​Disconnect the boot from the spark plug by pulling it. Then check under the trimmer head for the locking rod slot. Insert the locking rod or Allen wrench into the locking rod slot. Hold the tool in one hand while the other hand grasps the trimmer head firmly. Turn the trimmer head clockwise to unscrew it. By unscrewing it, the head gets lifted off from the trimmer shaft.

The cutting attachment shield has three screws on it. Insert a screwdriver into the screws and turn them clockwise to remove them. Keep the components well stored.

Get Working

If you are unclogging the device, do it and then reassemble the trimmer back to its original working position. If you are changing or replacing heads, then it is different.

Ensure you keep all the components of the grass cutter or brush cutter safely stored away, depending on which head you are changing. If you are changing from grass cutter trimmer to brush cutter, then install the brush cutter. Use the three screws and screwdriver to install the brush cutter shield. Nut the trimmer after putting the brush cutter blade onto the output shaft. The blade should be followed by the blade retainer. Ensure the flat side is down.

​Look out for the locking hole situated under the brush cutter blade. Operate the locking hole with a locking rod or Allen wrench to hold it in position. Turn the nut until it is tight. Then reconnect the spark plug, and you are good to go.

Why Trimmer Heads Get Removed

You need to remove the head when mainly interchanging the heads-from brush cutter to grass cutter or vice versa or when replacing a faulty trimmer head. If the trimmer is faulty, the defective head has to be replaced with a string trimmer replacement head, either a brush cutter or grass cutter. Whichever is defective?

You can also remove the head when doing your routine maintenance, when troubleshooting for a possible defect, or when unclogging the drive shaft from weeds.

To replace the grass cutter trimmer head, you remove all the components of the grass cutter and replace the parts with new ones.  This is when it gets too old. But usually, you only replace the part that is not working well. Likewise to replace the brush cutter also requires all the defective components to be replaced or all the components to be replaced if they are worn out.

The parts usually get worn out after some time. The head usually breaks, the spring refuses to work while the spool cracks. This is normal, and it is expected due to being used. Every device has a lifespan.  The device is also usually disassembled to remove clogged weeds that get wrapped on the drive shaft.

​In conclusion

It is important to read the user manual every time you are changing heads until you become familiar with the whole process of removing the Troy-Bilt Trimmer Head.

​Make sure to store the components of the tool you are not using, including the locking rod well. That means that if you are using the grass cutter, then store the brush cutter components well.

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