Picking The Perfect Wheelbarrow Air Compressor

When it comes to picking the best wheelbarrow compressor, a lot of people find it very hard picking the right one. If you are choosing from the same brand, you might get a little confused on what makes the perfect wheelbarrow air compressor.

For you to land on the right wheelbarrow compressor, you need to know the distinguishing factors that make up the best product. I’m going to cover some on this page so it will be a simple task for you to choose the right one. Here are the most important factors that you should keep on your mind.


Before you settle for the right wheelbarrow air compressor, you should know how much power you need. The compressor feature different power and the more the horsepower, the more you will be in a position to handle even the toughest activities.

Tank size

The size of tanks also differs from one brand to the other. Large tanks allow more air supply as compared to smaller tanks. If you want to perform heavy duty tasks, it is great if you look for a wheelbarrow compressor with a larger tank because a smaller tank can end up compromising your productivity. You also need to find out how much air the equipment requires to operate. There are some models that work need high level of air while others only need an average supply of air.


The pressure in a compressor is measured in PSI. It is great if you check the pressure that is suitable for your machine because having too much pressure can end up destroying your machine. For the best functioning of your equipment, ensure that the amount of pressure that is required is optimum.

Capacity of airflow delivery

This is another great factor that you should not forget when you are choosing a wheelbarrow air compressor. All air compressors require a certain amount of air to work and if the level is not met, they will CFM as compared to the highest level needed by tools you want to power.

Oil or oil-free

If you want to get a portable air compressor, then get one that is oil free. This means that they do not have an oil tank and this reduces their size for portability. With today’s technology, you can get very lightweight air compressors that are easily portable.

Duty cycle

You should also think about the duty cycle of the equipment. This determines the productivity of the compressor when handling different work environments. For instance, if you get an air compressor with a 60 percent duty cycle, this translates that it will work for 6 minutes and then it will be off for four minutes. Therefore, the higher the duty cycle of the machine, the work tasks it will handle in a stretch.


You should also know that there are many types of brands that produce wheelbarrow air compressors. So, how do you know which is the right brand to select? You want to own the best equipment from a recognized brand so that you can be sure of a great performance. Some of the top rated brands that you can trust include Dewalt, Makita, Eagle, Senco, Iron Horse, Hitachi, Ingersoll Rand justv to mention a few.

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