Marathon dual wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow Review in 2021

The marathon dual wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow is familiar with most people since it has two wheels only. From its design, it was invented to handle common projects around the house.

The wheelbarrow creates a connection between all of its users by being able to be used by users of all ages and strengths in equal measure. The much it can carry is mulch, logs, yard waste, topsoil, debris, rocks and more.
The design is very simple with no enhancements or special features added to it. It is just a tool made for making work easier.

To spruce things up the marathon dual wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow is available in many colors such as green, pink, orange and black. This can be the perfect little game for a friend who is a garden enthusiast. The user has less work to do as the wheelbarrow does much of the work.

Marathon dual wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow Review

Marathon dual wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow


The marathon dual wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow measures about 35 by 16 by 14 inches with a weight of 33 pounds. The wheelbarrow also has a carrying capacity of 300 pounds.

In comparison to other types of wheelbarrows, the marathon wheelbarrow appears small. The size of this wheelbarrow makes it relevant for less strenuous jobs at the garden like carrying mulch or yard waste.


Like I had earlier indicated the design is quite simple and does not include such features. To illustrate the simplicity of its design we can note that it only takes two minutes to install the marathon dual wheelbarrow and the only tools required in assembling are a crescent wrench and a flat-head screwdriver.
The manufacturers made the design to be lightweight and ergonomic to achieve the result of lower lifting effort, easier balancing, and maneuverability.


This is an essential part of the wheelbarrow. For the marathon dual wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow, the material tends to last for long and is resistant to some things in the environment. To start with there is a rust proof five cubic foot poly tray which ensures rust does not attack the wheelbarrow thus it lasts longer.
Something else to note is that the wheels have been made from a tough material which enables the tires to withstand also sorts of pressure and they can also work well on any terrain. The marathon dual wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow is durable courtesy of the mentioned features which play a crucial role.


The user is well considered when dealing with the marathon wheelbarrow for light weight. There exists a cushion grip loop handle that allows users to push, pull or dump the contents of the yard rover. Work has been made much easier for the user so as to avoid people straining a lot when using the yard rover.

To further bring the comfort of the generality the two wheels are air-filled thus making them easier to move when the user pushes or pulls the yard rover.
Marathon-Dual Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow


The safe distance of the body of the wheelbarrow to the user ensures he or she is safe at all times. Also, the wheelbarrow has a high ground clearance which protects it from knocking things while moving especially irregular raised ground.

  • Easy to put together
  • Very comfortable handles
  • Lightweight wheelbarrow
  • Offers an easy maneuverability
  • It has a rustproof tray
  • Complaints on the quality of the wheelbarrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) Is this a good size wheelbarrow?
Ans: Yes, it is a good size wheelbarrow if the user uses it for the work it is intended for. I like the simplicity of the wheelbarrow which makes it ideal for the light garden work.
b) What is the larger percentage of the wheelbarrow made of?
Ans: The wheelbarrow is majorly made of plastic which is not just ordinary plastic but tough and durable plastic. The only part that appears to be non-plastic is the two wheels.
c) What type of tires does the marathon dual wheelbarrow have?
Ans: The tires are very sturdy with a maximum pressure of 25 psi with each tire having valves for inflation and very deep treads.

Final Verdict

I recommend this type of wheelbarrow to those types of people that look for something just perfect for the right job with no other sideshows. The marathon dual wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow is sold at quite an affordable price which makes it a commonly used worldwide product. The price suits people of all walks of life.Another thing I like about the marathon yard rover is the wide variety of users it targets. The smaller frame it has makes it even possible for some kids to use the wheelbarrow in the garden. It can be a perfect game for your ten-year-old kid who loves gardening. All the features about the marathon yard rover are in check.

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