Jackson 6 Cubic Contractor Wheelbarrow Review in 2021

Wheelbarrows are of a million makes, designs and make. They are meant to make work easy and fast let alone achievable. Not every wheelbarrow is good, and if you just stumbled upon this article, then you have found yourself in a world of one of the best wheelbarrow in the market today.The Jackson 6 Cubic contractor wheelbarrow is one that is a perfect combination of the best supportive features, comfort, and attention to detail.Whether in the garden hauling material or in the farm or even at a construction site erecting structures, a wheelbarrow can prove to be an invaluable assistant in moving stuff from point to point.This wheelbarrow, in particular, is a good one that boasts some of the best features with every aspect of its use put into careful consideration. You should buy this wheelbarrow, and I am about to tell you why.

Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow

H Brace, Steel Cross Strips And Leg Shoes

A wheelbarrow needs to be sturdy and stable as well. It needs to be able to take the weight of the material and content its carrying without suffering, and this is something the Jackson 6 cubic contractor wheelbarrow is an expert at.With its H brace steel cross strips, the wheelbarrow guarantees stability and the leg shoes is an added advantage. You can be sure you will not struggle to keep the wheelbarrow stable and won’t worry about the material being hauled.


16-Inch Tube Tires

The tires of a wheelbarrow are the most important parts, and the ones that determine the kind of terrain and amount of work and load the wheelbarrow can handle at any one time. Weak tires will limit your work extent; tough tires will make you invincible.The Jackson 6 cubic contractor wheelbarrow is made with 16-inch tires large enough for a large amount of work and to add on that it is a tube tire. What better tires to have.

Six Cubic Foot Capacity

Capacity is another factor you can’t forget. How much a wheelbarrow can haul with one trip determines a lot of things including the number of trips one has to make to finish the job they are involved in. A smaller capacity means more trips meaning more fatigue.

A large capacity on the other side means less trip less fatigue. This wheelbarrow is made with six cubic foot capacity which is sufficient to reduce your number of trips to a minimum while still hauling a large amount of content.

Heavy Duty Steel Tray

Durability is a factor to be considered and studied carefully in buying a wheelbarrow. You need to get a wheelbarrow that can handle the everyday hustles of working out there and still stays in perfect condition to keep working every time it’s needed.

The wheelbarrow needs to work a long time, last as long as you would like it to. The Jackson 6 cubic contractor wheelbarrow is made of heavy duty steel that makes sure it is durable and doesn’t suffer frequent breakdowns and breakages or malfunctions.

Attractive Design

Oh, beauty. Who can overlook this? Everything about performance and delivery is important but what is all of that is you have to stand am ugly product every time you are out working and having a good time putting your time to good use.

It even kills your morale to keep working. This wheelbarrow is made with a design that will immediately catch your eye and draw your attention. You will love seeing it every time, and you will probably be happy just to have it around! Wonderful, beautiful design.


  • checkBeautiful Design
  • check16 Inch tube tires
  • checkHeavy-duty steel tray
  • checkSix cubic foot capacity
  • checkSteel cross strips and leg shoes


  • The product doesn’t come in different colors to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size box does this ship in?

A:One small box, maybe 18 x 24″ holds some other components

Q: Concerned about shipping, is the packaging improved? I don’t want to receive a scratched item.

A: Mine arrived in perfect shape.

Q: Can a bicycle pump be used when the tire needs air?

A:Sure you can use the bicycle power.

Final Verdict

It is difficult to find a good wheelbarrow, but this one is your end to the search for a good one.I will recommend this wheelbarrow to anyone out there looking to get a good one with the best features.

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