How to start a leaf blower? It’s simpler than you think

During the winter, your home yard s most likely to get filled up with rotten leaves dropping from the trees. It leaves your yard look messy and tardy somewhat. Therefore, cleaning the yard is a must during this time of the year. However, if you want to clean the leaves by hand, it might not be a good idea at all. Rather using a leaf blower will reduce your workload and save a lot of time.

In fact, a leaf blower is the best way to keep your yard clean from fallen leaves. Nonetheless, if you are a newbie in operating a leaf blower you might face problems starting it. Different kind of leaf blowers has different ways to start and operate. For your utmost convenience, I am writing this article on how to start a leaf blower in the easiest way.
How to start a leaf blower

How to start a leaf blower?

Corded electric blower:

Corded electric leaf blowers are the easiest ones to start and operate.

a) At first, read the instructions carefully.

b) Find how your model work from the user manual

c) Plug the cord with the power source.

d) Switch on the ‘On’ button.

If you find your blower not starting properly, check it with another electric outlet. If it still doesn’t start, there might be some manufacturing defect. In such cases, contact with your seller immediately to get a solution.

Cordless leaf blower:

It operates almost in the same way as the corded leaf blower. The only difference is in power source. It uses batteries instead of direct electricity.

​a) Read the user manual before you start the machine.

​b) Make sure that the batteries are placed appropriately and plugged in.

​c) Press the ‘On’ or ‘Start’ switch. That’s it.

​If your leaf blower doesn’t start, try to contact the seller to get a solution within the warranty period.

Gas-powered leaf blower:

Most of the gas leaf blowers use both the two-way cycle oil and gas mixture as a power source. Mixing of either gas or oil in an inappropriate proportion might cause permanent damage to your blower machine. So, it is important that you mix the oil and gas accurately and start the machine as the way it should be.

1st step:
​a) Take a small container.

​b) Mix the oil and gas in the container

​c) Shake the container mildly until the oil is incorporated properly with the gas.

​d) Put the mixture into your leaf blower tank.

​If you are operating a 4-cycle gas leaf blower, use straight gas instead of oil.
2nd Step:

At this point, you need to start priming your gas blower. However, some models come with an ‘On’ switch. Make sure to turn it on if your model has such switches. Otherwise, the blower won’t start.

​a) At first, push the primer bulb

​b) Allow the primer to push in and relax for 6 consecutive times.

​c) Now, close down the choke.

​d) Find the starting cord and pull it once.

​e) Move the leaver between open and close so that it remains in a half-opened position.
3rd & final step:

​a) Again pull in the starting/opening cord.

​b) Do it several times (usually from one to four).

​c) Wait approximately for 10 seconds to allow the engine turn on.

​d) Now, press the lever into a fully open position from the previous half-opened position.

​There are some models that require up to 30 seconds to start running in case the choke is partially closed. In such cases, if the engine isn’t starting, restart it and wait till it warms up. Then slowly move the choke in a fully opened position.

4 stroked gas leaf blower

​There is no difference in how a two-stroke and four-stroke gas-powered leaf blower works. The only difference is in the power source. Four strokes use gaseous fuel instead of a mixture of gas and oil, like the 2 stroke machines. The rest of the procedure is the same as mentioned above for the two-stroke gas leaf blower.

What if the leaf blower doesn’t start?

If you are having problems to start your leaf blower, you might look for one of these issues mentioned below-

1. For the corded leaf blowers, check the plug-in source.

2. For the cordless leaf blowers check that the batteries are operating and placed in position.

3. Examine if the spark plug is damaged.

4. See the air filter and clean it if you find any dirt in it.

5. For the gas leaf blowers, test the fuel freshness. Sometimes with fuel over 30 days hampers the start f your blower.

Final verdict

​A leaf blower is a handy operating tool to remove the piles of leaves during the winter. It requires special care while you start the machine especially after a year-long break from the previous winter season. This informative writing on how to start the leaf blower, we believe will surely come useful to you.

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