How to Choose a Wheelbarrow

You hit into your garage trying to do some real-time inventory check, as you prepare for your farming and other upcoming activities, all you notice is that you don't have that very important arsenal; the wheelbarrow.

This can be quite disturbing. A wheelbarrow makes those heavier tasks done quick hence saving time. It could also help you a big deal during the planting season, winter and even in your construction demands.

How about going for a wheelbarrow that won't let you down? Such arsenal needs to be strong, reliable and up to the task. Your wheelbarrow needs to comfortable for you to do load and offload very easily.

Having been a victim of disappointing wheelbarrows, my experience helped me close in on some of the top tips you need to take into account to settle on the best wheelbarrow.

How to Choose a Wheelbarrow

Material Construction​

Yes! It could be possible you want to go for a wooden wheelbarrow. But remember, they might not be as strong as such for heavy jobs.

They can also be quite heavy, more specially if you are carrying heavier tasks. How about you choose those made of steel or plastic.

Those that come with a steel construction tend to be versatile in carrying out tasks conveniently and can handle most of the weights. But also remember, they require careful maintenance for sustainable performance. They can be noisy as well when doing your offloading and loading.

Ensure also the material construction enables the wheelbarrow to still stay strong and portable for easier storage. This will ensure long term maintenance.

I would suggest you avoid plastic ones unless doing very light jobs. But the advantage of plastic wheelbarrows, they don't rust too. They equally last long.

Handle Design​

I consider this as one of the most important parts you need to check on before choosing your wheelbarrow.

Ensure the handle of your wheelbarrow is comfortable for your handling. You might come across commonly metal handles and even wood ones. But I recommend you opt for those made of rubber. They make gripping easier and more comfortable.

Imagine going for a wheelbarrow that has a handle that will leave your hands in pain with sores, just because the handle is rough, unsuitable for lengthened hours of going about your tasks. This is the last disappointment you need.

Straight handles also are impressive since you can provide you with the best maneuver for you hand motions while carrying your loads on your wheelbarrow.

This implies you can flip, tilt to any angle of the wheelbarrow more comfortably, carrying your tasks effectively and efficiently.

But I find single-bar gripped handles and closed one with a superior ergonomic craft, suited for that easier pulling.


The material used to achieve the ultimate weight of your wheelbarrow is part of what constitutes the size of the wheelbarrow.

Take a moment to test with your hands the size of the wheelbarrow with your hands. This will give you the best shot of what it is like you are likely to experience in the long run. Take measurements of the storage area too for you wheelbarrow, as you choose the size.

You don't want a wheelbarrow that will give you a hell of time to store, given they come in irregular shapes.


Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, check on the weight you expect from your wheelbarrow. Contractors will opt for a stronger and heavy duty wheelbarrow. Such construction is crafted with a sturdier make.

They are commonly made of steel able to last long and overcome the tough jobs. Depending on the kind of tasks to be carried out, get the right weight of your wheelbarrow that won't leave you wanting more.

Don't go for a wheelbarrow that will leave you straining to carry it. This might cause your back to develop pains every time you go about your chores.

The tray of the wheelbarrow you choose should be able to distribute its contents evenly. This will enable you not to strain your arms and back during offloading and loading.

There is nothing wrong if you ask your store attendant to place some heavier stuff on the wheelbarrow, to have a feel of what it is like to carry loads on it.

Test the wheelbarrow's performance by placing heavy objects and bags of dirt or rocks into the tray. This will give you a feel of how the weight feels like; more especially when you will be lifting the handles.

Check for sturdy wheels. Test the wheels with some weight inside the wheelbarrow to make sure they do not wobble or cause tipping.


No doubt you will come across so many models of wheelbarrows. But don't buy too much into cheap compromising the quality.

Check your budgetary allocation against the value of the wheelbarrow you want to go for, but still be able to carry out your tasks effectively. If your wheelbarrow is a little bit expensive, but strong, with quality. That is a great choice for long term performance. The choice will be worth it. It should be worth the price.

How to Choose a Wheelbarrow


Most wheelbarrows will come with a front centered positioned wheel. If you get such kind of wheelbarrow, check to ensure the tripod craft provides not only easier maneuver but also greater control of the body. One that has two wheels in front isn't the suitable choice; it brings about awkward maneuvering as you go about its use.


If your wheelbarrow tires come inflatable, check if when inflated they stay hard enough to carry those heavy loads, more especially for those time consuming tasks.

Get a pump for your tires if they don't come with the wheelbarrow. This will eliminate stoppages while going about your duties, just to inflate your wheelbarrow tires.


Ensure you maintain regular care of you wheelbarrow for it to serve you for long. When using your wheelbarrow sometimes the nuts and bolts can loosen up, do a check-up for possible regular re-tightening to maintain its steadiness and stability.

Clean it frequently and store it well to serve you better. Choose the right wheelbarrow that you won't end up replacing, to save on those unnecessary extra costs. How about the best wheelbarrow to a greater performance?​

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