GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub Helps to Save Water Across Landscapes

The world’s water use is currently at an unsustainable level. Our water bodies are severely under threat and there appears to be an impending drought if we do not make smarter decisions about water conservation. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), not less than 9 billion of gallons of water are consumed for outdoor purposes in the country and the main use of this huge volume of water is landscape irrigation. The interesting part, though is that plants make use of only 50% of the volume of water used for gardens. The deficiencies in the traditional systems of irrigation are, therefore, obvious. A simple solution to the water conservation problem would be having a smart garden that employs a GreenIQ smart controller. The smart controller can be controlled from anywhere, at anytime and with any device. Here are some of the inherent benefits:
greeniq smart garden hub

Irrigation timing​

It is wrong to assume your plants would need water every morning or every evening and scheduling irrigation times in this manner would only lead to massive water wastage. You plants only need water when the level of water saturation in the soil is low. A GreenIQ smart controller determines when your plants need water based on the weather conditions. It records past data about the weather and combines it with the present condition and future forecasts to determine the best time to water your plants. This ensures you do not waste water on irrigating your plants.


Smart Integration​

​The GreenIQ smart controller is technologically savvy and it comes with all the modern integration you would need for a smart garden. The soil moisture sensor allows you to automatically stop watering when enough moisture is detected in the soil. The flow meter also gives accurate information about pipe breaks and water leakages to ensure water is not lost to mechanical faults. A rain sensor would help you skip watering when it rains and a weather station feeds the smart controller accurate info about the weather. The GreenIQ app makes it easy to control the device from your smartphone. These modern technologies have been designed to ensure water wastage on your landscape is kept at the barest minimum.

​Automatic irrigation system​

​A GreenIQ smart controller is capable of initiating and terminating irrigation remotely. You do not need to worry about putting the system on or off before your plants are watered. This also helps in saving water as many homeowners forget to switch off their irrigation systems at the right time. This could also lead to flooding of the landscapes.


Targeting the roots​

A GreenIQ smart controller works with a drip irrigation system. Unlike traditional irrigation systems, a drip irrigation system delivers water directly to plant roots. This saves water as only a little amount of water would be lost due to run-off.

There you have it! Explained above are just some of the ways by which a GreenIQ smart controller can help you save water across landscapes.

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