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Do Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repellents Really Work?

Cockroaches, rodents, moths, houseflies, rodents and much more can be annoying when they invade your home. Most people get rid of them by spraying and sprinkling different types of insect repellents which contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health and your pets. If you have tried different methods of insect repellents in vain, […]

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How to Winterize your Lawn Before It’s Too Late

We all love those long, summer days that turn into crisp fall mornings. As the seasons change, and the lawnmower begins to consider hibernation, it’s time to think about your lawn. In order to protect your barefoot-friendly summer haven, you need to put in some work to keep things green. ​The care your lawn demands depends […]

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5 Ways To Improve Your Green Space

Utilizing the green space within the city’s boundaries enhances urban life and would prove to be beneficial to all inhabitants. Improving your green space will give you access to improved air quality and cooler summer days. Regardless of climate or atmospheric conditions, every resident can benefit from the environmental, economic, social, and lifestyle changes that […]

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GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub Helps to Save Water Across Landscapes

​The world’s water use is currently at an unsustainable level. Our water bodies are severely under threat and there appears to be an impending drought if we do not make smarter decisions about water conservation. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), not less than 9 billion of gallons of water are consumed for outdoor […]

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How to Get the Most From Lighting Your Garden

Some people spend a considerable amount of time during the day making sure that their garden looks just right. However, there is no need for you to stop the beauty of the outdoors, just because the sun is going down. With a little bit of understanding about how garden lighting works, you would be surprised […]

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