The Best Tips for Choosing the Right Pond Fountain

The best pond fountain is not only calming, but it brings the much needed oxygenated water to your pond when the droplets sprayed into the air come in touch with the oxygen and fall back into the pond.

The relaxation through the steady streaming water and indulgence in the designated area of your property add unparalleled luxury and comfort that you can enjoy.

But, how to choose the perfect pond fountain? What needs to be taken into consideration?

Here is the list with the best tips on how to determine the perfect fountain.

To ensure that all of the pond water is perfectly refreshed, it is very important to keep the depth of your pond less than 6 foot. Only the top layer of water is pumped up and drawn by the water pump, so if your pond is deeper than 6 foot, the lower levels of water stay untouched and without oxygen. There is a solution for deeper ponds in a form of air circulation systems, which diffuse the oxygenated water bubbles through the diffuser plate situated at the very bottom of your pond.

The Shape

We know you love your unique shaped pond, maybe with a cove or an island in the middle.

Be extra cautious though, these unique shapes decrease the flow of the oxygenated and recirculated water to reach every single corner of your pond. Maybe the use of multiple fountains or more than one air circulation system will be needed to ensure the perfect aeration of the pond. There is no such thing as too much air in your water. It stops the weed or the algae from overgrowing in the difficult to reach areas.

The Allocation of Your Fountain

If your pond is less than 6 foot deep and the shape is a perfect rectangle or circle, you could get just one simple fountain installed, to make the air circulating.

But what about the pattern of the spraying water?

Here are two basic patterns and the power to be applied to be considered.


Effective, simple, reliable, and efficient V-Shape pattern would be all you need for a small shallow pond.

As simple the pattern as possible, and you can relax as the air circulation job will be done perfectly.

If you aim for more unique spray pattern, there is a much bigger probability that not all of the corners and areas of your pond will get the required aeration. Certainly, a much appreciated unique pattern, where a lot of thinking and energy gets involved to develop it will be achieved, but there will be less air enriched water in your pond.

​The Power

How strong the engine of your fountain will depend on the reason the fountain was installed for in the first place. If the air circulation should be flawless, at least 1.5 HP is necessary. If your fountain serves for decoration purposes only, even a smaller motor of 1 HP per acre is acceptable.

No matter what your decision for the best pond fountain will be, always keep in mind to maintain it regularly and do not forget to keep an eye on the energy costs, because a non-stop operating fountain is not exactly low-cost gadget.

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