Guide to Finding the artificial grass for your garden! Cost & Installation

So, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge with artificial grass? That’s great news! You’ll finally be able to enjoy your garden without worrying about mud, or your pets ruining your grass. However, before you rush off and buy the cheapest artificial grass you can find, you need to think about quality and colour. Its important that you choose the right kind of artificial grass to suit your garden’s design.

What Kinds of Colours Are Available for Artificial Grass?

Most people, when they think of artificial grass, assume that it is only available in various shades of green. While this is the most popular colour for fake turf, there is a much wider range than you might think. In addition to the multiple shades of green, you can also purchase fake turf of bolder colours, including:

Artificial Grass

  • ​Blue Artificial Grass
  • ​Black & Silver Artificial Grass
  • ​Purple & Pink Grass
  • ​White & Grey Fake Turf

Why Are There So Many Colours of Artificial Grass?

That’s an excellent question! While you’re unlikely to see bright pink fake turf covering your neighbour’s garden, it is a popular choice for interior spaces and some sporting areas. For example, by using a range of different colours, you can differentiate between the various spaces used for different activities. You could also use different grass colours to mark different lengths, tracks and more.

In addition to sporting areas, these bold grass colours can be used internally to create bold and striking interior designs. If you want to create a unique space, either within your home, office or commercial space, colourful fake turf can prove essential. Whether you’re looking for bright pink fake turf, or black artificial grass, you’ll be able to find the perfect style for you.

​Which is the Right Kind of Natural-Looking Artificial Grass for Me?

Even if you’ve decided to equip your home or business with natural-looking, green artificial grass, you still need to find the right colour to suit your property’s needs. The kind of green you choose will make a huge impact on how natural your garden ends up looking. Before you pick a fake turf at random, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. These are:

  • ​How Tall Do You Want Your Artificial Grass to Be?
  • ​What Is the Right Shade of Green for My Artificial Grass?
  • ​How Dense Should My Fake Grass Be?

How Tall Do You Want Your Artificial Grass to Be?

When it comes to height, its purely a matter of taste. If you choose to go too short, your lawn will look unnatural. However, too long and your property could end up looking shabby and ill-looked after. Typically, choosing artificial grass somewhere between 25mm and 38mm is the most natural range.

What Is the Right Shade of Green for My Artificial Grass?

Throughout the year (and even throughout the day!) the amount of natural light on your artificial grass will change. The impact of the light can’t be underestimated on the appearance of your grass. If, for example, your garden is fortunate enough to enjoy a large amount of natural light, you should choose a darker shade to offset this and create a more natural appearance. Alternatively, if your garden receives very little natural light, it is a good idea to choose a brighter tone of fake turf.

How Dense Should My Fake Grass Be?

The denser your grass, the lusher and more verdant your garden will appear. Additionally, the denser your fake lawn is, the more resistant it will be to damage caused by regular use and footfall. However, denser artificial grass is often more expensive!

​Find the Right Shade of Artificial Grass for Your Home or Business in the UK

Whether you’re looking for natural-looking fake turf, or bold artificial grass in a range of colours, the choices are endless! Don’t rush into any large decisions when it comes to your artificial grass. If you pick the wrong type of fake turf, it can be a costly mistake which may put you off artificial grass completely. And, remember, wherever possible get some free artificial grass samples so you can pick the perfect style to suit your needs!

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