7 Foolproof Tips To Prepare Your Home For An Invasion

Your home is where you come back to relax after a tiring day. Here, you allow everything to go while you feel comfortable. Home is where to rest from in a peaceful and quiet environment. However, it is important to know that you are 100 percent safe at home. There is no comfort when you know that someone might sneak into your home and disappear with your valuables. It is important to understand that you can’t tell when your home might be targeted by burglars.

Install security cameras

You can keep your home safe from invasion by showing how serious you are at protecting your home. Burglars usually avoid homes with CCTV and dogs to lessen chances of getting nabbed in action. Homes without security cameras or barking dogs are easier to break into. Consider investing in quality outdoor security cameras to deter burglars from attacking your home.

Fortify defenses

​Some burglars might have the guts to go ahead with the plan to attack your home despite the presence of security cameras. A good idea to enhance your home security is to fortify the defenses used to protect your home. Enhance your window strength by using stronger material like reinforced glass or polycarbonate. You can install window bars or use glass bricks. Invest in high-quality locks and have doorjambs matching with silver plates requiring longer nails. Alternatively, you can invest in a door security bar to inhibit anyone from using force to open the door from the outside.

Get a security system

Another idea to keep your home safe from invasions is investing in secure systems in Bakersfield. After attempting to break your home defenses, the security system can foil their plans. An alarm attracts attention to scare off burglars from your property. When the alarm is triggered, it increases the chances of the burglars getting caught. Keep in mind that burglars prefer attacking quiet homes. A quality alarm system is a great tool to avoid home invasions.

Get a safe room

Most times burglaries occur during the daytime between 10 am and 3 pm when everyone is away from home. However, some home invasions happen at night. Therefore, you need to be able to protect your valuables just in case burglars manage to break into your property. A good idea to protect your family and valuables during a home invasion is to have a safe room. You can use this well protected for hiding during a home invasion. Ensure to pack it with some essentials like a phone to call the police.

The safe room should have enough space for the whole family and reinforced to make it hard for the attackers to break into. Ensure that the safe room has quick and easy access without the burglars noticing. Consider doing drills with everyone in the family on how to utilize the safe room before disaster attacks.

Learn self-defense

With most home invasions involving theft, you should learn self-defense techniques. This will ensure that you are safe from any danger during the invasions that might involve serious crimes. You should consider getting a firearm to keep in the safe room to defend yourself in case things get out of hand. However, you need to make responsible use of this weapon and to only use it to defend yourself before the police arrive. Learn self-defense to ensure that you are ready for whatever comes during a home invasion.

Keep your home well lit

A well-lit home deters burglars by giving the impression that there is someone home. Additionally, outdoor lights make it hard for criminals to sneak on to your property without notice. Motion-activated light allows detection of intruders when trying to access your property. Ensure that the lights are placed high to avoid criminals from deactivating them. Keep the lights on at home when away to hoodwink criminals that there is someone at home. Additionally, invest in a home automation system to manage your home lighting remotely even when away from home.

Mind where you keep the spare key

​Sometimes criminals might access your home without having to break into. These might use your key if you hide the spare key under the doormat, in plants, or above the entryway. The chances are high that the burglars are going to discover your key through spying or snooping. It is better to always give your spare to someone you trust. Perhaps you have a habit of forgetting your keys all the time. Consider switching to electric door locks having keypads for inserting the password.

Bottom line

​A home invasion is something you can’t anticipate but can prevent. This requires learning tricks to protect your family and valuables. Using the above tips will help keep your home secure from invasions. Investing in a quality home security system is a good idea to protect yourself, family, and property during an invasion.

Bottom line

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