6 Ways to Go Green and Save Green

How can we go green and save green? This question was never asked as frequently as it is asked today. Everyone is scared of terms like global warming and climate change. However, do not think that you cannot do anything because you are an ordinary person. If you want to save your planet, you may have to make amendments in your lifestyle for good. All of us can play our part in keeping the world clean and safe as long as possible.
6 ways to go green and save green

Save Water:

Without water, life is not possible on planet earth. Save it as much as you can, and coming generations will thank you. Take shorter showers. Fix leaking in your home, if any. When gardening, use a water-efficient hose (Wonderland Gardens has written this excellent article about garden hoses” According to surveys, fifty percent of household water is wasted.

Consume Less Energy:

Saving energy is critical for protecting the planet. Try to turn off all electrical appliances at night, like laptops, mobiles, etc. You can set your thermostat few degrees lower in winters and few degrees higher in summers. Replace old incandescent bulbs with new fluorescent light bulbs. Unplug appliances, when they are not in use.

Drive the Right Vehicle:

Try to drive a bike or walk to the work instead of using the car. Not only it saves gas and energy, but it also improves your health as well. Consider telecommuting if you live far from the workplace.

Use car, if there is no other option but be careful about which car you drive. Opt the car that consumes less gas or petrol. These cars might be expensive to buy but keep the big picture in your mind.

Reduce usage of meat in your food:

Yes, there is a straightforward link between changing climate and usage of meat. Especially, beef products cause high amounts of greenhouse gas emissions as compared to other meat products. So reduce the meat usage as much as you can. If you are used to eating it regularly, at least add one non-meat product in your table. You should also increase the amount of vegetables in your food. For this purpose, you can place the indoor plants in your home, and also grow some green vegetables in your garden. It will help to improve your health as well as your surroundings.
Reduce usage of meat in your food

Look carefully what goes in trash:

Not every waste item is supposed to be in the trashcan. Especially be careful you never throw electrical appliances. Use them as long as possible and then recycle them. E-waste contains mercury and other toxics, which can lead to various environmental problems.

Another thing to keep away from trash is plastic. Our planet is drowning in plastic. It takes a very long time to decay and cause severe problems for animals roaming in the forests. Buy as less plastic as possible and instead of throwing in the trash, recycle it.

Shop smartly:

In the consumer culture, it is a daily routine to buy unnecessary items. Avoid lavish style and go for simple life style. Buy only things you need to survive. It helps you in both going green and saving green.

If possible, borrow items rather than buying which are used occasionally. Many things are available for rent. If two people can use one item, it makes no sense of buying two items. It will also help to improve our social connections and strong relationship.

If all of this could be summarized in one sentence then that is: “Increase your physical activity as much as possible.” Do not keep sitting all the time. Try to walk now. Instead of sitting in a chair for long hours in your home or in office, go for suitable standing desks and risers. It will help to increase your productivity level. In ancient times, the planet was green, because people were keen to move.

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