How To Stay Warm Without A Heater

Regardless of whether you’re that hand to mouth college student that everyone knows about or that frugal guy, staying in a cold environment isn’t good for your health. For your information, winter is the best time to save money on utilities. Unlike summertime when air conditioning is virtually mandatory, there are myriad ways to stay warm without touching the thermostat. Wondering how that is possible, relax, here’s how to stay warm without a heater:

Remember those days when your mama would insist you wear a hat? Well, it was simply because she knew that most of the body heat is lost through your head. Your mama gave you a priceless teaching, maybe you should call her and thank her. Considering that maybe your better half likes it in the cool side and not when you’re shivering at night, warming your legs by wearing a pair of thick socks acts as a bonus before climbing between those sheets.

2. Ensure Your Bed Is Far Away From The Window

Undoubtedly, this is not a solution for all bedrooms. However, if your bed is usually near a window, you may find it warmer by moving it far from the window.

3. Lay Down A Thick Area Rug

Despite their numerous benefits, hard flooring like laminate doesn’t offer any benefits as far as matters to do with warmth go. Laying down a thick and warm rug especially during winter can help insulate your room thus ensuring a warm treat to your feet once you spring out of your snug bed.

4. Cover The Windows

Outside temperatures often transfer via the window glass. To curb this, you may need to insulate your house by using heavier window coverings during winter. Therefore, cover your blinds with heavy drapes. You may need to select a cheery color to help put the winter gloom at bay.

5. Use Warmer Bedding

This is the obvious solution one nature turns down the thermostat. Just like with clothing, using warmer bedding will undoubtedly help you stay warmer. Swap those sateen sheets and replace them with warm blankets.

6. Check for Drafts

Check your windows and doors to find whether there are any gaps that are leaking your inside air away to the cold outside, leaving you with the chilly and uncomfortable atmosphere. You can use a draft detector to inspect any undesired air movement. By fixing those gaps, you are guaranteed of a warmer room and twofold benefits. First, you’ll cut down warm air waste and secondly, you’ll hinder bugs from sneaking into your house.

7. Take A Bottle Of Hot Water

This is an old-school idea, right? Well, maybe that’s your perception. But it works. Simply slip a hot-water bottle beneath your sheets before retiring to your bed and lets your body revel in the warmth. In case you prefer a higher tech model, consider a heated mattress pad, it can also do the job nicely.

8. Cook

Yes, you heard it right. Cooking will help keep warm. The oven’s warmth and eating something warm will ensure you stay warm. However, you ought to shun cooking that emits steam since that will raise your house’s humidity thus making the interior damp. Decreasing the humidity levels helps you stay warmer.

9. Close Off Any Unused Rooms

A closed room acts as a barrier between you and the cold outdoors. It also minimizes air circulation thus reducing heat loss.

  • Open curtains and blinds during the day to allow sunlight enter and close them at night to keep out the cold.
  • Use a humidifier in any room you usually spend time in.

10. Yoga Fire…Yoga Flame…

Yoga breathing and meditation is a great way to stay warm. See, once you focus on your breath, you teach your system to become aware of every feeling. You’re simply practicing to train your mind to welcome that cold feeling on your skin. Once you convince your body that you’re cold, you start to shiver and once your perception of the same feeling you’re experiencing, you tend to calm and gain control over your body.

11. Don’t Keep Clothes On The Radiator For Long

Here, I’m preaching water and drinking wine. This is because I personally tend to do this big time. Well, they should be kept off the radiator so that you can reap the most from your heat source and still allow heat around your room thus staying warm.

12. Roof Insulation

A large amount of heat is lost through the roof. Installing at least 25cm of insulation through your loft can reduce any chances of heat loss.

13. Drinking A Warm Beverage

Could be a cup of tea or coffee, whatever. Brewing a warm beverage will raise your temperature down to your toes thus helping you stay warm. Just ensure you don’t burn yourself.

14. Using a Gas Generator

As long as you don’t mind the gas bill and the noise, a gas generator can be an easy way to stay warm during winter or during a power outage. Simply place it outside the house to prevent the fumes from hurting you.


Being cold sucks, right? Now, for those of us who are not big fans of electricity, the above genius hacks (tried and true) will undoubtedly help you stay warm without a heater.

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