Never Before Seen Insights Into Composite Granite Sinks

Planning to build or to remodel your kitchen gives you a range of options when selecting an ideal sink. The various options include stainless steel, cast iron, and composite granite. There is a growing popularity of granite kitchen sinks to give your kitchen a fresh new look. A kitchen is the most used room in a home and the sink is always prone to regular use. The kitchen sink is used for preparing dishes and endures extreme heat.

Granite tough with no internal structure making it non-porous and highly resistant to scratches. This explains the popularity of sinks made from this material. Composite granite sinks are a better alternative to other sinks made from various materials like cast iron and stainless steel. Granite sinks beat the other types of sinks hands down when it comes to looks and maintenance.

​What is composite granite?

Composite granite sinks are made from specially engineered granite composite material. This 80 percent granite, which is the strongest granite component.  The 20 percent includes acrylic resin material to create less porous sinks. These are harder and last longer than those made from pure granite. Apart from durability, composite graphite sinks are guaranteed to match any aesthetic in the kitchen.

​Benefits of Composite granite sinks

Long lasting

Granite sinks are made of 80 percent granite and 20 percent acrylic resin to making it stronger. These sinks are built under extreme pressure making them scratch resistant, non-porous, and less prone to chips. It is a great idea to buy granite sinks  for withstanding household stains including coffee, red wine, and beet juice. Granite sinks don’t need sealing, unlike other options. This makes these sinks durable, sturdy, and a great choice for your kitchen.

Aesthetic appeal

Granite sinks are very fashionable and decorative for having the look and feel of natural stone. These sinks come in various colors, shapes, sizes, configurations, and matte finishes. Sinks made from granite are the only choice to match any kitchen countertop regardless of the desired shape. These sinks can be chiseled, sculpted, carved, or made smooth to match your preferences. Granite sinks are popular in colors including brown, white, and black although you can get one in other colors and patterns to match your kitchen theme.


Being in regular use, the kitchen sink is always writhing with bacteria. You are always using the kitchen sink for draining on the tap and after using the chopping board. Luckily, a composite granite sink is very hygienic. Its manufacturing process creates a completely smooth surface to make the sink anti-bacterial. This helps to keep nasty gems to a minimum. The manufacturer might also add an anti-bacterial coat to lessen chances of bacteria.

Seamless cleaning

Granite sinks are a breeze to clean and maintain. You can pour any substance into this sink without worrying about stains. It is possible to take a hot pan straight from the oven and place them easily on the sink. Granite sinks are stain and scratch resistance but need protection from dirt. Using this sink saves a considerable amount of cleaning time. There is no need to purchase costly cleaning chemicals to keep your sink clean.

Variety of options

For their popularity, there are various composite granite sinks  on the market. These are available in various colors including the popular white, grey, and black. You can get a granite sink in various bowl options including single and large bowl options with drainers for the kitchen. Additionally, you can get a composite granite sink in various installation options including undermount, topmount, and flush mount.

Budget-friendly choice

Although granite sinks cost a bit more than stainless sinks, these will give you many years of use. Composite granite sinks are cheaper than those made from natural granite. However, both make a valuable investment for many years to come. Regardless of whether you opt for a solid or composite sink, your investment is worth each penny.

Low noise level

Stainless steel sinks make noise when in use. These are made from cheap steel sheets to minimize costs. However, this thinness makes the material easy to move and vibrate. The basin works like a drum to amplify water impact or anything dropped in. You might notice this when you have a dripping tap that becomes audible at night. Luckily, a composite granite sink is harder and less flexible to deaden vibrations from dripping water. This helps to eliminate the noise pollution problem of stainless steel sinks.

​Bottom line

Kitchen sinks come in various materials. Composite granite is a good choice when building a new kitchen or upgrading your current cooking space. Sinks made from this material are highly durable, easy to clean, anti-bacterial, and come in a range of options to match your preferences. When looking for a sink that will match your countertop, a granite composite sink is an ideal choice.

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