Best Yard Wheelbarrow in 2019 – Buying Guide and Recommendation

Consistent performance comes with having a quality product. Therefore, the better the quality of your wheelbarrow the better the performance. No one needs disappointment when in the garden trying to transport items.

To avert this, you should have something dependable that goes the extra mile. It is because of this that I seek to highlight extensively some few samples of wheelbarrows that are considered to be among the best yard wheelbarrows in the market currently.

I always recommend a potential buyer to use the information that suits their individual needs to get a more personalized wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrows tend to differ slightly depending on the special purpose they were designed for but from a general perspective all wheelbarrows assume the same design with just slight modifications.

Best Yard Wheelbarrow – Comparisons

1. Marathon dual-wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow

 Marathon dual-wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow
The marathon dual-wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow is an improved version of the typical normal wheelbarrow which we know has one wheel.

To create more efficiency in movement, the manufacturers deemed it fit to install two air-filled and flat free tires which move over any terrain with ease and are tough enough.

The marathon residential wheelbarrow measures about 35 by 16 by 14 inches with a weight of 33 pounds which is far below what wheelbarrows weigh. The lesser the weight for this wheelbarrow which makes its performance be above aboard.

Surprisingly, it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds which is indeed quite some weight. Part of the body of the marathon residential wheelbarrow is made from a poly material which is resistant to rusting.

This wheelbarrow was introduced specifically to offer help around the home. For instance, it can be used to transport top soil, logs, rocks, debris and even yard waste. The design ensures that the user gets maximum satisfaction from the product for quite a long time.

The marathon yard rover wheelbarrow has also been fitted with cushion grip loop handles which allow users to push, pull or dump contents of the yard rover. The simplicity of the marathon residential wheelbarrow makes it be among the top selling products.

  • Easy to install.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to lift and balance
  • Has high maneuverability
  • Affordable price
  • Resistant to rust
  • Lightweight
  • Small body

2. WORX Aero Cart Multifunction Wheelbarrow

WORX Aero Cart Multifunction Wheelbarrow
Talk of technology and the worx wheelbarrow is what you see. Various innovative ideas in line with wheelbarrows have been fused together to come up with the worx aero cart multifunction wheelbarrow which is in a class of its own.

The wheelbarrow measures 42 by 12 by 18 inches with a weight of 48.9 pounds. From the dimensions, it is pretty clear that the worx is a big wheelbarrow that comes with better results.

The carrying capacity of the worx aero cart multi-function wheelbarrow is at 500 pounds. Its design is quite a wonder. The design enables the worx wheelbarrow to perform the work of 8 different carts namely wheelbarrow, hand truck, cylinder holder, potted plant mover, rock lifter, bag holder, trailer mover and extended dolly.

The larger portion of the wheelbarrow is constructed from steel which as we all know is a tough kind of metal. To facilitate easier movement, the worx wheelbarrow has two flat free tires.

Another unique feature is the existence of fold out extension arm that carry flower pots, small trees, mulch bags and any other oversized or awkward item. The design and body material of the worx aero cart multifunction wheelbarrow work in such a way that the whole wheelbarrow makes a 200lb load feel like it is just 17 lbs.

  • Easy to balance
  • Durable and tough.
  • Tires need no maintenance
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Performs multiple functions
  • Resistant to rust
  • Easy to maneuver
  • A bit expensive

3. Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart
The gorilla poly garden dump cart seeks to make the duties of the gardener even lighter and enjoyable. The design of this wheelbarrow has been boosted to ensure there is not even a single time the user gets strained.

For starters, the gorilla garden dump cart is fitted with four pneumatic turf tires that are designed to tackle any terrain and also make the movement of the wheelbarrow smoother even when carrying heavy loads. The gorilla poly garden dump cart measures 38.7 by 20 by 19.5 inches with a weight of 32 pounds. The dimensions depict that it is slightly smaller than the normal typical wheelbarrow.

The unique aspect about the gorilla garden dump cart is in its carrying capacity. So far to me, this is the highest carrying capacity I have come across. The gorilla carts poly garden dump cart has a carrying capacity of 600 pounds which means it can take on any heavy load around the garden or house.

Further on to ensure the user feels okay while pulling or pushing the gorilla dump cart, the manufacturers fitted it with a padded straight handle and a quick release dump that also aids in unloading loads faster.

The gorilla dump cart is the real deal, for this review, it stands out as the winner for me since it performs above board with much consistency.

  • Cleans easily
  • Durable
  • Easy to balance
  • Maintenance free
  • Resistant to rust
  • Guaranteed high performance
  • Affordable
  • Low ground clearance

4. Dual Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

The dual wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow measures 35 by 16 by 14 inches with a total weight of 33 pounds. For the carrying capacity, it manages a weight of 300 pounds quite comfortably.

The dual wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow was designed to target those who want a wheelbarrow for residential purpose such as carrying logs, mulch, top soil and lots of other things that may not be quite heavy.

The design of the dual yard rover wheelbarrow is in such a way that the user of the wheelbarrow tends to use less effort when lifting loads using the wheelbarrow. This wheel barrow has two air filled flat free tires that are powerful and capable of tackling any terrain.

The body of the dual wheelbarrow is made from a material that is tough and does not get destroyed when under pressure.

To make all sorts of motion easier for the user the dual wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow has a cushion grip loop handle that allows the user to pull, push or dump the contents of the rover.

  • Lightweight
  • Highly portable
  • Easy to balance and maneuver
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable price
  • Low carrying capacity

5. Ames Easy Roller Four Cubic Foot Poly Yard Cart

​The Ames easy roller yard cart is a little bit sophisticated in terms of the design, but the usage is quite simple. It measures 45 by 21.5 by 30 inches with a weight 18 pounds.

​From the sizes and weight, we can note that the Ames easy roller yard cart is indeed small but super-efficient.

Size does not matter! The whole body of the Ames yard cart is made from poly which is quite tough and strong in its way. This wheelbarrow has been fitted with four wheels which have a wider base so as to be stable and offer more support.

The Ames easy roller yard cart is the type that is used to transport light loads from location to another without straining. The small body has numerous advantages that give an edge above the other types of yard carts.

The Ames also has an integrated tool tray. Another nice feature is the availability if a four cubic storage capacity that comes guaranteed with the yard cart, however, small it may seem.

  • Lightweight
  • Maintenance free
  • Affordable
  • Easy to balance
  • Stable
  • Highly portable
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Low carrying capacity

How To Choose The Best Yard Wheelbarrow


This is an essential part since the better the quality, the longer the wheelbarrow will last. When shopping for the best yard wheelbarrow look for one made from a material that is resistant to harmful things like rust and also corrosion.

The material also determines if the wheelbarrow will be needing frequent maintenance or it will be maintenance free. I recommend steel because it has proven time and again to be durable.


Like I had earlier stated different wheelbarrows were created for different purposes so look for one that suits your needs. As I have highlighted in the examples given, we have seen that there are extra small and extra big wheelbarrows. You should be careful when selecting a wheelbarrow, no what exact purpose you want it for.


To me, this is what matters the most. You should always look for what you can afford regarding shopping. Crosscheck the qualities of the wheelbarrow and the price tag. If it does not reflect value for the money, it is being sold for then it would not be wise to purchase it.

Final Word

Wheelbarrows are of great help. I would advise those who have not purchased one to do so since that is a better version of helping them carry loads. Always have in mind the factors to consider when choosing a wheelbarrow as your guideline. That way you will never go for something sub-standard. Check out our guide to the top listed Wheelbarrow you can buy right now to see

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