Best Wheelbarrow Air Compressor in 2019 | Top 5 Review

A wheelbarrow air compressor is a vital piece of machinery for a technician or a crafts person. Best wheelbarrow air compressor saves your time because they complete jobs like spraying, hammering, nailing, and sanding, fast as compared to manual work.

Air compressors work by converting electric energy into kinetic energy using compressed air. Also, an air compressor saves you from physically grueling tasks, stress, fatigue, and soreness that accumulate when you manually perform all the striking, scrubbing and pressing movements.

Importantly, using a suitable air compressor with the correct tools gives your work professional finish that is pleasing and durable.

Wheelbarrow air compressors will provide you with power tools that repair, inflate, frame and finish. They have wheels at their base to assist the user in moving them around easily.

They have tanks located at the bottom, the wheels help in pulling them in rough and rigorous terrains without fear of mechanical damage to its vital components.

There is a wide difference between the best wheelbarrow air compressor and cheap wheelbarrow compressor. I take you through quick tips five to best wheelbarrow compressor, top-rated. I will recommend them any time of the day.

The DeWalt Oil Lubricated Wheelbarrow Air Compressor features a rugged design. It features a twin cylinder pump that contains a thermally stable cast iron, an automotive style ball bearings, an aluminum head and valve plate, durable Swedish stainless steel reed valves.

Also easily accessible oil fill, an oil level sight glass and a 12 inch cast iron balanced flywheel.

This highly efficient compressor employs heavy duty, dual voltage induction motor which arrives wired for a standard 120 volts and easily converted to 240 volts.

The DeWalt Oil Lubricated Wheelbarrow Air Compressor offer optimal tool performance using a maximum pressure of 155 psi.

It has a dual control valve which allows for a consecutive start or stops operation.

Also, this compressor comes with a quick coupler for the air hose line, center mount, tool and tank pressure gauges, a flat free tire that will move quickly on rough terrain and also braided steel transfer device.

This compressor utilizes two four gallon tanks, with a running horse power of 1.9 and above all its both UL and CSA certified giving you a peace of mind.

For optimum performance and durability, it utilizes synthetic blend air compressor oil.


  • It features a dual control valve which allows for continuous or start/ stop operations.
  • It offers a 1.9 running horsepower rated 7.0 CFM at 40 PSI.
  • It comes with a manifold assembly that includes a high flow regulator, Quick Coupler for Air Hose Line and a Tool and Tank Pressure Gauges
  • It also features a flat free tire and a Center Mount


  • It is expensive
Hitachi 8 Gallon Gas Powered Wheeled Air Compressor

The Hitachi 8 Gallon Gas Powered Wheeled Air Compressor combines a simplified operation with contractor grade quality. Hitachi premium cast iron pump gives you reliable performance under rough conditions on the job site.

The Hitachi 8 base plate integrated control panel shields the gauge regulator and the plumbing and at the same time centralizing the controls for a simpler operation.

This compressor will provide you with plenty of air with a 9-CFM at 100-PSI correct air flow. It comes with a start PSI of 116 and maximum PSI of 146 surpassing its competitors. This compressor will surely serve your needs comfortably.

It also features an oversized oil level sight glass that makes it easy to monitor the oil level this enables the pump to avoid damage from inadequate oil supply.

This compressor utilizes a pneumatic throttle control that eliminates the failure of cable throttles due to breaking. It also uses ball valve tanks drains which do not stick, thus making the tank draining comfortable and convenient.

It uses flexible braided stainless steel exhaust tube that reduces the chance of damage from impact on the job site. The flexible braided steel also reduces vibration between contact points thus extending the life of the components.

This air compressor comes with a filter, synthetic oil, a wheel, breather pipe plug, pressure gauge, and drive belt. The best part is it has a one-year warranty for material and artistry defects.


  • It features a Solid cast iron cylinder that is durable and practical.
  • It also features control panel that protects the gauge. Plumbing and regulator.
  • It has an oversized oil lever sight glass to monitor the oil level.
  • It utilizes a pneumatic throttle control which uses air to adjust the throttle.


  • It does not provide sufficient air for impact tools.

The Ingersoll-Rand Gallon Oiled Twin Pontoon Compressor will provide you with unsurpassed performance in the most challenging applications. This compressor offers maximum movement on the job site.

It offers your 100% continuous duty cycle for the toughest applications. Above all, it comes with a whopping two-year warranty and is an appropriate start-up compressor.

It features twin horizontal 8-gallon tank that offers you a maximum PSI of 135. This air compressor provides you maximum performance.


  • It offers maximum movement on the job site.
  • It features a durable cast iron construction.
  • It has an 8-gallon twin tank.


  • It comes with standard oil while it uses synthetic oil meaning you have to drain it yourself.

The Industrial Air Contractor Wheelbarrow Air Compressor is an 8-gallon oil lubricated compressor.

It features cast iron twin cylinder oil lubricated pump with a one piece enclosed cast iron crankcase, aluminum head and valve plate.

You also expect a thermally stable cast iron cylinder body, durable Swedish stainless steel reed valves, easily accessible oil fill, oil level sight glass and a 12 inch cast iron balanced flywheel.

The industrial air contractor has a belt drive compressor offering a 5.5 horsepower. It comes with a Honda OVS gas engine which includes an overhead valve, an automatic air cleaner, separate pilot and checks valves and an air throttle.

For optimum performance, it offers a 155 maximum pressure. It also comes with a twin wheelbarrow tank that includes a center mount turf tread, a new low profile handle design with handle grips and a semi-pneumatic tire for excellent mobility.

It also comes with synthetic oil for long life and optimum performance, and a metal belt guard.


  • It features a cast iron twin cylinder.
  • It comes with a powerful 5.5 horsepower Honda gas engine.
  • It has an output of 155 PSI maximum pressure for optimum performance.
  • It comes with a two four gallon tanks and semi semi-pneumatic tire for great mobility


  • It is large for easy maneuverability.

The Industrial Air Belt Driven Air Compressor with Twin Cylinder offers practicality and high efficiency at a job site. It is made of cast iron and comes with a twin cylinder and an oil lubricated pump with a belt technology.

This air compressor features thermally stable cast iron cylinder body, one piece cast iron crankcase, automotive style ball bearings, aluminum head, and valve plate.

It has an oil level sight glass, durable Swedish stainless steel reed valves, and 12-Inch cast iron balanced flywheel, and an easily accessible oil fill.

It also has a large induction motor which gives you maximum performance and efficiency. It offers you a 155 maximum pressure for optimum performance.

It comes with a 20 gallon ASME horizontal portable tank with quickset regulators, a working pressure gauge, pre-attached pneumatic tires and an on and off switch.

It arrives at your door with synthetic oil for optimum performance and durability. Above all it is UL and CSA certified.


  • It features a twin cylinder oil lubricated pump.
  • It has a dual voltage motor that you can convert from a standard 120 volt to a 240-volt application.
  • It offers a 155 psi maximum pressure for optimum performance.
  • It comes with ASME horizontal portable tank.


  • It is expensive

How To Choose The Best Wheelbarrow Air Compressor

There are numerous air compressor models in the market even from one manufacturer. This realization can make it difficult to select the best air compressor that will suit your needs.

Therefore, having knowledge of how to choose the best wheelbarrow air compressor will make will make everything easier for you.


Look for a compressor with high enough horse power to drive the compressor effectively. Consider the level of complexity of the job you are about to undertake and choose the most appropriate compressor with enough horsepower.

The Tank Capacity

Measure the amount of air a shell store. A large tank will allow you to use air tools even before the compressor motor restarts. Also, a large tank is efficient in devices that require higher amounts of air or for continuous.

Maximum Pressure

Maximum pressure is the lowest amount of air pressure that the best wheelbarrow air compressor can provide at 120 PSI. Most air tools supply air levels of 90 PSI.

The Capacity of Airflow Delivery

All air tools work best for a certain amount of air, and when the required air level is not met, these devices will slow down. Choose an air compressor with and increased capacity In CFM as compared to the maximum level required by tools you plan to power.

The Duty Cycle

Chose an air compressor with a 60% duty cycle, this means that the motor works 60% of the time and only idle 40% of the time, and this is necessary since compression generates heat. Therefore, a compressor with a lower duty cycle will wear out faster.

Oil or Oil-free?

Are you interested in a unit powered by oil or oil-free? Oil-free compressors are few in the market, but one advantage with this is you don’t have to worry about oil spills entering the cylinder when the compressor falls. However, oil free compressors do not last long like oil compressors.

Final Words

A Wheelbarrow air compressor is a valuable piece of machinery for a technician. It saves you time by completing jobs fast and without stress

However, a significant number of compressors in the market can hinder you to choose the most appropriate one for your job. Therefore, you need to know how to choose the best ones in the market.

In this article, we have looked at five of the best air compressors in the market if you are confused as to be best one for your job just have a look at these five and find the one that fits your job. They are highly effective and recommended.​

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