5 Items You Must Clean Before Your Move

It is very important to be well prepared before you move to a new home. You have to organize and deep clean your items before moving them to a new home. This will allow you to have a fresh start in your new space. The trick is to ensure that all your essential items look their best without unnecessary clutter. It also limits moving with things you don’t want to your new place. Here is a list of things to clean before you move.

The fridge undergoes regular use although you might spend some time without cleaning it. It is therefore very important to clean your fridge before moving. Check and empty all the drip trays at the bottom of the fridge. Additionally, wipe and disinfect the shelves and drawers in the fridge and throw away all expired perishable food. Unplug the fridge about 24 to 48 hours before your move to allow the freezer to defrost. Additionally, keep the water line disconnected.

Wash the dishes

Cleaning all dirty dishes might seem like an obvious task but it can’t be overemphasized. You will not love the experience of unpacking only to discover that the dishes need cleaning. Having to wash the dishes and do the laundry is the last thing you would want before settling in the new home. Before the move, consider using disposable paper plates and compostable cutlery.

This is better than using glass and plastic items that you will have to wash when you already have a lot to deal with. You will have a wonderful unpacking experience without worrying about cleaning the dishes. Keep in mind that there is always to handle when you have just moved into a new home. Ensure to have the dishes clean before the cheap movers In San Diego  arrive to move your items to the new home. You will have enough time to organize in the new home without worrying about cleaning the dishes.

Clean the attic, basement, and garage

Apart from cleaning the dishes, ensure to clean other areas in your current home that you have always ignored. Most people usually pile various items in the attic, garage, garden, basement, or a combination of all places. Before the movers arrive, give yourself a favor by de-cluttering those areas. Eliminate all unwanted items and donate all those you don’t need anymore. This allows leaving only those that you will have to use in the new home.

The cleaning process will make the move easier with less stress. You will have fewer items to pack to allow only packing those you will use. Additionally, the unpacking will be simple with fewer items to handle and the work of the movers will be easier and much cheaper. With this, you will finish unpacking and organizing your items in the new home much faster for easier settling in.

Clean the planters

It is a wonderful idea to keep some plants in your garden space. Therefore, you have to move your cherished plants to your new home. It is a good idea to keep the plants in their planters without watering them before the move. Watering the plants might increase the weight of the planter to increase the risk of breaking in the process of moving. Moving the planters without water eliminates chances of ending up with a messy situation just in case they break on arrival.

​Additionally, the water might leak from the planter to inconvenience the movers. This leaking water might damage your other items. Empty the window pots and boxes if you are taking them without plants. This will make the work of the movers easier with less weight to handle.

Clean the foot pathways

This is one area usually underlooked by homeowners. However, it is a great idea to clean the pathways before moving to a new home. Additionally, eliminate any items that might be blocking the way. This will allow the movers to carry your items with precision and care when loading them on to the moving truck.

​It is a good idea to plan your move when the weather is clear. Rain or ice on the day of your move might make clearing the pathway harder and moving your items more difficult. Cleaning the foot pathway will allow moving your items safely and more efficiently. This eliminates the chances of having your precious items get damaged during the process.


Various reasons might make you to consider moving to a new home. You have to plan well before the movers arrive. An essential task not to overlook is cleaning your items. It is very important to clean your dishes, the fridge, and planters. Additionally, this is the best moment to clean some of the areas you have always overlooked in your home. These include the pathways, garage, attic, and basement.

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